This Was a Great Transportation Solution for Us

We had a different type of wedding and reception arrangement than most people do when they get married. Most people have both of them in the same city, but we had our wedding in one city and the reception in another city. In order to make sure that we got everyone transported on time and to the right place, we recruited the help of the people at Platinum Party Bus Rental in Toronto to do that for us. It was a splendid plan and worked out perfectly. My wife and I were really pleased about it.

My mother lives in one city, but my father lives in another one. He is not very good health wise, so traveling is not a good idea for him. He has dementia, and new places can be very scary to him. It pushes it just to have a lot of people and loud noises around him as it is. I wanted him to be at my wedding badly, but then, moving the wedding to my father’s city would have meant that my grandparents, who are also frail, would not have been able to travel to the wedding located elsewhere.

My wife was the one who came up with the great idea to have the two different functions in two different cities. Then, we worried that people would get lost or not show up at the reception on time. We briefly thought about using taxis, but that would be pretty expensive and a logistical nightmare. My wife then said that we should rent a party bus to transport everyone. This became the best solution that we have, and the drivers who took everyone to the second location were very professional and great to everyone. It was nice for everyone to be able to sit back and have a couple of drinks before reaching the final destination, too.