Diamond Party Bus Rental for Wedding

I never knew that planning a wedding could be so stressful. I must admit that I did not have much of a role in planning my own wedding, and so I did not realize the amount of stress that it must have caused my parents, as well as my bride to be. Of course, different people handle this type of stress better than others. I am already stressed out enough about my daughter getting married in the first place. Anyway, I need to contact Diamond Party Bus company about renting one of their party buses for the day of the wedding.

It is a bit of a tweak in the plans that we had discussed before, and now we are in agreement that we want to go ahead with it. Continue reading →

This Was a Great Transportation Solution for Us

We had a different type of wedding and reception arrangement than most people do when they get married. Most people have both of them in the same city, but we had our wedding in one city and the reception in another city. In order to make sure that we got everyone transported on time and to the right place, we recruited the help of the people at Platinum Party Bus Rental in Toronto to do that for us. It was a splendid plan and worked out perfectly. My wife and I were really pleased about it.

My mother lives in one city, but my father lives in another one. He is not very good health wise, so traveling is not a good idea for him. He has dementia, and new places can be very scary to him. It pushes it just to have a lot of people and loud noises around him as it is. Continue reading →

Do You Need to View Our Limo Site?

When you are thinking about hiring a car for a special occasion, you may be wondering to yourself whether you really need to view our limo site. Even if you already know the dates that you want to book a car for, having a closer look at a company’s website may save you a phone call if you have any questions.

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Boutique Hotel For a Sophisticated Honeymoon in Buzios

Looking for a place where you can find comfort, good food, and a great attention to service and honeymoon deals? You are right when you think about boutique hotels. Buzios has only two big hotels and one is yet to be completed. The city has more than 200 hundreds pousadas/inns and three luxury boutique hotels like Casas Brancas and Vila D Este at Morro do Humaitá and Insólito Hotel – the newest one at Ferradura Beach with an amazing ocean view of the Ferradura Beach Bay.

The differences of these hotels are found in their size and their commitment to a high level of service with attention to all the details. Generally the hotel’s team does not take very long to change. Big hotels are more frequent in changing their staff and it does not take a long time to replace employees and for them to understand the way they should treat clients from different cultures on a day to day basis. I remember seeing, when I was 19 and working at Casas Brancas, the owner of the place inquiring about the flowers that should be placed inside the toilet – one additional piece to make the clients happy at the time they opened. The different uniforms, the baskets of complementary bread, and many other little details add so much at the end. In Buzios, the boutique hotels have no more than 20 to 35 rooms and suites at most. I really do not believe that a hotel with more than 100 rooms can give you that kind of attention that is so special if you are on a romantic honeymoon. Honeymooners spend an average of six nights enjoying time together and we do as much as we can to make that time easy and pleasant and to give them the best options to use their time to do whatever they like.

Another great thing about boutique hotels is the quality of food, the exotic tastes, a less formal beach ambiance, the smiling people, and the awesome idea of some to introduce a Spa combining a relaxing massage with natural products as more and more people turn towards a green life. Imagine the possibilities: after a day on the beach you can return to your hotel and receive a relaxing treatment and all the amenities that those places offer. It is not just a relaxation for the body but more so for the mind and spirit. After a good pampering, take the time to enjoy the ocean wind and the tropical cuisine while dining as you look out on the sunset right in front of you or watch fisherman throwing their nets to catch some fish. Now you are probably wondering, “where is this place?” A very special treat if you are from a cold place where the norm is looking through the window seeing snow everywhere, I’m talking about the Casas Brancas Boutiqe Hotel and Spa in Buzios and how pleasant it is to stay there for a great Brazil honeymoon, family vacation, or just a delightful getaway. In Buzios you will find not just the hotel but a spectacular beach city only 120 miles from Rio de Janeiro. From Rio you can book a private bus to Buzios – with buses leaving five times a day for a trip that lasts three hours. The bus is very nice and the tickets cost about US$20.00. If you can afford to book the Master suites, great, if not you also can have an ocean view by booking the Deluxe or Classic rooms.

Buzios is a wonderful beach city with a population of 28,000 people and about 52 nationalities represented. Just taking a walk on the Rua das Pedras (Stone Street) you will hear people talking in a great variety of languages. Many Europeans buy houses in Buzios for their vacations. Considered the third best place for dining in whole country (which is the fifth largest in the whole world) you will taste an excellent quality in these exotic dishes from many nationalities.

Brazil – A Loving Country For Honeymooners

It is a fact that Brazil is the biggest country of South America. It is worldwide famous place which is well known for its energy and beauty. Brazil ensures the honeymooners to make their trip more memorable and fascinating. There is no doubt that it is beautiful country of South America. This country is known for its impressive carnival that happens in the months of Feb and March. I personally believe that no any other place is beautiful as Brazil is. It is landscape that contributes only happiness.

The ideal time to visit Brazil
Brazil is a beautiful place to visit which has many temperatures. The best time to visit this country is the month of June, July and August. From December to February, there is summer. During these months, it is very hot and moist. So the best time is from June to August.

Attractive places to visit
Here are many attractive places to visit. These are follows:

Rio de Janeiro
No doubt that Rio de Janeiro is one of the most favorite and romantic cities in Brazil. It is a wonderful city which is full of true natural and breathtaking beauty. The most visited and famous attraction of this city is sandy and sunny beaches at Ipanema and Copacabana Island.

Colonial Towns of Minas Gerais
Here you can enjoy hills and mountains in Minas Gerais. It is located just hundred miles away from Rio. This colonial town is rich and famous for several natural minerals. The wealth comes from gold and diamond mines.

Iguassu Falls or Iguacu Falls
It is one of 7 natural wonders of the world. The best time to visit this place is from October to December. This is the best time for honeymooners to visit. You will enjoy directly rainbow.

Amazonia national park
Amazonia national park is the most attractive and visited place which is famous for its natural wonder. This beautiful park includes climbing, trekking/hiking, bird watching and taking boat journeys. No doubt that a tour is incomplete without a tour to this national park.

Best hotels accommodation in Brazil
Here you will find many luxurious accommodation facilities. The most famous and luxurious hotels are Hotel National Brasilia, Best Western Regent Park Suite Hotel and Praia Ipanema Hotel. They all are located in the heart of city. These hotels are perfectly designed by experts.

This land of Brazil is well known for Igua falls and many other exiting and romantic vacation spots. This place gives an opportunity to all visitors to have a mesmerizing and romantic trip to Brazil.

Vacation in Brazil at Buzios’s Paradise Peninsula

Brazil Vacations

The peninsula of Buzios, just two hours east of Rio de Janeiro, is one of the most beautiful spots in the world for travelers to go on their Brazil vacations. Buzios, a quaint fishing village, went virtually unnoticed until the early 1960’s, when the famous French actress, Brigitte Bardot “discovered” it as an ideal place to hideout from all the attention that resulted from her success. Since then, Buzios has slowly evolved into an internationally famous vacation destination for those on honeymoon or travelers seeking a place to enjoy the ultimate romantic getaway.

When planning your vacation in Buzios, it is important to note that, while the area is saturated with accommodations ranging from small inns and pousadas to large hotels, it is the small luxury boutique hotels that offer their guests the ultimate in comfort and style. From the sophistication found at the Insolito Boutique Hotel, to the refined elegance of the Casas Brancas Boutique Hotel and Spa, and the sublime natural beauty of Vila d’Este at Morro do Humaita, these small boutique hotels offer the best in world class amenities, gourmet dining, and beautifully appointed rooms which overlook the beautiful blue and turquoise waters that surround Buzios.

Because of their size, each hotel is able to extend to their guests individualized treatment they won’t find anywhere else. The smallest details, such as fresh flowers placed throughout the hotel, as well as complimentary snacks and beverages offered at various times during the day, make staying at small luxury boutique hotels preferable over a stay at one of the larger hotel chains. You will immediately notice the friendly and helpful attitude of the staff members who are eager to attend to your every need, exposing you to the Brazilian hospitality that is famous the world over.

No matter how you spend your vacation time, whether it’s shopping in the city’s Centro district, lounging beside the pool, soaking up the sun on one of Buzio’s beautiful beaches, or enjoying a massage or beauty treatment at the hotel spa, the memories you create during your stay will stay with you forever. Brazil vacations in Buzios is definitely an awesome choice all year around.

Consider Top Brazil Tourist Attractions for Your Exotic Honeymoon Trip

If you are planning to celebrate your honeymoon in an amazing way you will find a wide array of options. And choosing the right destination amongst all these places is not an easy task at all. You may go to Brazil for your honeymoon trip. Pay visit to all the popular Brazil tourist attractions that will simply delight your senses.

You may experience nature’s wonder as you enjoy gliding at Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro and also enjoy exciting safaris in the dense forest. And the best time to visit this place is during the winter season. It is the festive season for Brazilians who also organize numerous fests and events for drawing the attention of tourists from all over the world.

Here are few interesting places that you would love to visit during your honeymoon trip to Brazil.

Ouro Preto

Ouro Preto, which means black gold in English, is one of the ancient towns in the country that was formed as early as seventh century. Newly married couples also prefer to visit this place for honeymoon vacation. The city boasts of well preserved, old architectural remnants of Portuguese community and also the magnificent monuments and building of the modern times that also adhere to rich cultural heritage of the city. In Ouro Preto, beautiful churches of seventeenth and eighteenth century along with their decorative items and exquisite sculptures become major attractions for the tourists and married couples.


One of the largest wetlands of the world, Pantanal is another tourist attraction for honeymoon couples. Located in western part of country and also extended up to Bolivia and Paraguay, this place is famous for wildlife sanctuaries and other beautiful places. In other words, it is a natural abode for animals and birds and tourists will be excited to behold them in close proximity. For example, wild animals like Capybara as well as Yacare Caiman are found in large numbers. Also Plantana is also home for large number of jaguars.

Statue of Christ the Redeemer

Situated at the top of Carcovado Mountain in Rio de Janeiro, this spectacular statue of Christ the Redeemer is one of the popular Brazil tourist attractions. This ninety eight feet statue is one of the largest Art Deco sculptural works in the entire world.

Rio Carnival

There are several carnival celebrations that are held in every part of the country. And the most popular one is the spectacular carnival in the city of Rio de Janeiro. In fact it attracts millions of people from several parts of the country.


If you wish to spend quality time with your spouse on a beautiful city with several beaches then Florianopolis is your ultimate choice. In fact Florianopolis is the perfect destination where both new and old cultures coexist in harmonious way. In other words the city provides sandy beaches, mouthwatering dishes, pristine water bodies, sand dunes, lagoons and also fascinating fishing villages.

Besides, there are several other Brazil tourist attractions that may be perfect for your romantic getaway. Due to large number of attractive destinations, tourist influx in the country has increased over the years and also large number of hotels also has developed to provide best accommodation to the visitors.

Which Carnival Is the Best in Brazil?

Carnival is celebrated all over Brazil, but the two most popular Carnivals are Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, Bahia. I have been to both and had the time of my life. It is extremely hard to pick which is better, but I have compiled a list of factors that may influence your decision in choosing the right one for you!

In Salvador, you feel as you are in a huge non-stop party because there are millions of people on the street – dancing, drinking, following their favorite bands – it’s actually the largest street party in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records. In Rio de Janeiro, it’s literally one of the most amazing shows I have seen in my life – the costumes, choreography, music, passion – It beats the hell out of any Vegas Show (makes a Vegas Show look like a high school play).

Below I have compiled a comparison of both Carnivals.

Weather: Winner – Tie

It is late summer in both destinations. Expect weather in the high 70s to high 80s.

Flight Time: Winner – Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Rio de Janeiro is a much larger airport than Salvador and there are direct flights to Rio or Sao Paulo from all over the world. The only direct flight from the US to Salvador is on AA via Miami and there some flights from Spain and Portugual that fly directly there as well. The flight time between Sao Paulo and Salvador is 2.5 hours vs. a just 45 minute from Sao Paulo

to Rio.

English Spoken: Winner – Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Rio de Janeiro is a much larger city and English is spoken more in Rio, but generally you will not find a lot of English speakers in Brazil in general.

Food: Winner – Rio de Janeiro Carnival

The Salvador cuisine is world re-known and delicious. If this was any other time besides Carnival, I would go with Salvador, but during Carnival, you will have a lot more options in Rio for food because it is a larger city.

Beaches: Winner – Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Salvador has a ton of beaches, but between both cities, you can’t top Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro, especially because of the eye candy.

Party Atmosphere: Winner – Salvador Carnival

No doubt it’s Salvador. Imagine millions of people just going absolutely nuts.

Sophisticated Partying: Winner – Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Rio is definitely more sophisticated than Salvador because it is a larger city and does have more exuberant parties like the Copacabana Palace Ball for instance. Although Salvador does have parties that are crème of the crème, like the Salvador Camarote. In both cases, all of the exuberant parties are very expensive, but Rio takes the cake because you will see the likes of Naomi Campbell, Giselle, and other International stars at the parties in Rio.

For Singles: Winner – Salvador Carnival

The best carnival for singles is in Salvador. You have Brazilians from all over the country that go to this Carnival and the main slogan is “Solteiro em Salvador!” which means everyone is Single in Salvador!

For Couples: Winner – Tie

If you want a more romantic experience, I would definitely go with Rio because there are more touristy things to do and the party isn’t as wild. If you are a crazy couple (and I’ve seen a ton within the years), then you will enjoy Salvador Carnival.

For Families: Winner – Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Hands down, Rio de Janeiro is the best carnival for families unless the kids are over 18. There are more things to do in Rio and the Samba Parade is jaw dropping although it does end pretty late.

For Brazilians: Winner – Salvador Carnival

Salvador is hands down the most popular Carnival for 18 – 35 year old Brazilians. You will meet people there from the South, Big Cities, Interior, Amazon and Northeast.

For Ages 20 – 30: Winner – Salvador Carnival

Definitely Salvador, if your young and want to party, this is the place to be.

For Ages 30 – 45: Winner – Tie

It all depends if you want a crazy party or a more sophisticated experience.

For Ages 45 Plus: Winner – Rio Carnival

Generally, you will enjoy Rio de Janeiro more as it’s a little bit more tame, although don’t get me wrong, Rio de Janeiro in general is not at all tame, it’s just a bit tamer than Salvador Carnival plus more tourist attractions are open and the main event is more of a sit down and watch event vs. being on the street and participating.

Tourism, Sites: Winner – Rio Carnival

Salvador has some historic sites, but during Carnival everything is pretty much closed. If you do want to check some sites out, it’s definitely better to get there a couple of days before Carnival.

Hotels: Winner – Rio Carnival

Rio de Janeiro is the 2nd largest city in Brazil and # 1 city for tourism, so it is going to have way better hotels. There are some good hotels in Salvador, but do not expect the 5 or even 4 star hotels you have at home.

Music: Winner – Tie

Axe (Salvador) vs. Samba (Rio). Samba is world reknown and has some crazy beats. You definitely have to have rhythm to dance. What I’ve seen is that the ladies usually get it and the guys just move their feet. Axe is a mixture of Brazilian pop, rock and Afro-rhythms and literally by the end of Carnival you’ll know the words to a lot of the songs.

Overall if you are a huge party animal, I would suggest traveling to Salvador, Bahia for Carnival. Don’t get me wrong, Rio de Janeiro also has a lot of partying as far as street parties and carnival balls, but it’s a lot crazier in Bahia. If you are more into sightseeing and want to check out one of the greatest shows in the world, I would suggest Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

Carnival in Salvador for 2011 starts on March 4th and Carnival 2011 in Rio de Janeiro starts on March 5th. If you are looking for an incredible package deal for Brazil Carnival Travel Packages, definitely check out Tours Gone Wild. They have great packages to both carnivals and even provide the Ultimate Carnival Package, which goes to Salvador, Bahia for Carnival and then Rio de Janeiro. You can essentially see two Carnivals on one trip because the Saturday following Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, they have the Winner’s Parade, which is a parade that features the top 6 Samba Schools from that year’s Carnival.

Below are the Brazil Carnival dates up to 2020:
Brazil Carnival 2012 dates: February 17 – 21
Brazil Carnival 2013 dates: February 8 – 12
Brazil Carnival 2014 dates: Feb. 28 – Mar. 04
Brazil Carnival 2015 dates: February 13 – 17
Brazil Carnival 2016 dates: February 5 – 9
Brazil Carnival 2017 dates: February 24 – 28
Brazil Carnival 2018 dates: February 9 – 13
Brazil Carnival 2019 dates: March 1 – 5
Brazil Carnival 2020 dates: February 21 – 25