Boutique Hotel For a Sophisticated Honeymoon in Buzios

Looking for a place where you can find comfort, good food, and a great attention to service and honeymoon deals? You are right when you think about boutique hotels. Buzios has only two big hotels and one is yet to be completed. The city has more than 200 hundreds pousadas/inns and three luxury boutique hotels like Casas Brancas and Vila D Este at Morro do Humaitá and Insólito Hotel – the newest one at Ferradura Beach with an amazing ocean view of the Ferradura Beach Bay.

The differences of these hotels are found in their size and their commitment to a high level of service with attention to all the details. Generally the hotel’s team does not take very long to change. Big hotels are more frequent in changing their staff and it does not take a long time to replace employees and for them to understand the way they should treat clients from different cultures on a day to day basis. I remember seeing, when I was 19 and working at Casas Brancas, the owner of the place inquiring about the flowers that should be placed inside the toilet – one additional piece to make the clients happy at the time they opened. The different uniforms, the baskets of complementary bread, and many other little details add so much at the end. In Buzios, the boutique hotels have no more than 20 to 35 rooms and suites at most. I really do not believe that a hotel with more than 100 rooms can give you that kind of attention that is so special if you are on a romantic honeymoon. Honeymooners spend an average of six nights enjoying time together and we do as much as we can to make that time easy and pleasant and to give them the best options to use their time to do whatever they like.

Another great thing about boutique hotels is the quality of food, the exotic tastes, a less formal beach ambiance, the smiling people, and the awesome idea of some to introduce a Spa combining a relaxing massage with natural products as more and more people turn towards a green life. Imagine the possibilities: after a day on the beach you can return to your hotel and receive a relaxing treatment and all the amenities that those places offer. It is not just a relaxation for the body but more so for the mind and spirit. After a good pampering, take the time to enjoy the ocean wind and the tropical cuisine while dining as you look out on the sunset right in front of you or watch fisherman throwing their nets to catch some fish. Now you are probably wondering, “where is this place?” A very special treat if you are from a cold place where the norm is looking through the window seeing snow everywhere, I’m talking about the Casas Brancas Boutiqe Hotel and Spa in Buzios and how pleasant it is to stay there for a great Brazil honeymoon, family vacation, or just a delightful getaway. In Buzios you will find not just the hotel but a spectacular beach city only 120 miles from Rio de Janeiro. From Rio you can book a private bus to Buzios – with buses leaving five times a day for a trip that lasts three hours. The bus is very nice and the tickets cost about US$20.00. If you can afford to book the Master suites, great, if not you also can have an ocean view by booking the Deluxe or Classic rooms.

Buzios is a wonderful beach city with a population of 28,000 people and about 52 nationalities represented. Just taking a walk on the Rua das Pedras (Stone Street) you will hear people talking in a great variety of languages. Many Europeans buy houses in Buzios for their vacations. Considered the third best place for dining in whole country (which is the fifth largest in the whole world) you will taste an excellent quality in these exotic dishes from many nationalities.