This Was a Great Transportation Solution for Us

We had a different type of wedding and reception arrangement than most people do when they get married. Most people have both of them in the same city, but we had our wedding in one city and the reception in another city. In order to make sure that we got everyone transported on time and to the right place, we recruited the help of the people at Platinum Party Bus Rental in Toronto to do that for us. It was a splendid plan and worked out perfectly. My wife and I were really pleased about it.

My mother lives in one city, but my father lives in another one. He is not very good health wise, so traveling is not a good idea for him. He has dementia, and new places can be very scary to him. It pushes it just to have a lot of people and loud noises around him as it is. Continue reading →

Do You Need to View Our Limo Site?

When you are thinking about hiring a car for a special occasion, you may be wondering to yourself whether you really need to view our limo site. Even if you already know the dates that you want to book a car for, having a closer look at a company’s website may save you a phone call if you have any questions.

A limo website has a lot of information on it that you may find beneficial. For example, are you needing more than one limo because of the size of your group? The website lists the different types of vehicle that are available for hire and how many passengers can be legally carried in each one. Continue reading →